50 shades of green

I have set up this blog to give me an online diary of my pregnancy (9 weeks!) and give me an opportunity to sound off about any subject which takes my fancy.

Today’s topic: MORNING SICKNESS. Why is this called morning sickness when it plagues my life 24 hours a day? I can only convey this for those who have never had the misfortune of experiencing the first throws of pregnancy hormones as they flush your system as re-living the worst hangover you have ever had day after day. Nausea? Yes. Occasional whurly burlies? Yes. Dry boke and wretching? Yes. Re-visiting meals down the toilet at various points in the day? Hell yes!

At least with this pregnancy eating something seems to keep the nausea at bay for a while. With baby number one I couldn’t even keep water down and became very friendly with a variety of cisterns at home and in my workplace (learned to love the feeling of cold tiles on my face whilst resting head against floor between vomits). Also shared my regurgitated breakfast with a number of commuters in car parks, train journeys and platforms on way to and from work. To all those people I was not a hung-over jakey (despite looking like one), no, I was pregnant. Sorry about the spew.


3 thoughts on “50 shades of green

  1. Your first sounds like my first!!!! I knew that if the clock said 6pm, I’d better just go ahead and sit in the bathroom floor because if I wasn’t near a toilet, I may very well not make it in time!!! YUCK!!!! I felt like that until 18 weeks! BUT this time I am 13 weeks and it’s gone away! YAY!!! Maybe that means the gender is different! I hope you are feeling less green in the next couple weeks!

      • Ill have to answer this in a few weeks when I find out the gender! If they tell me boy, I will say I knew it because I’m not AS sick as the first time around with my girl!

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