Potty training and morning sickness: An evil combination

My two and a half year-old little one is in the throws of potty training and despite the odd pee accident he is doing really well (very proud mummy!). Although it is funny how I thought I wouldn’t need to lug so much stuff about in toddler’s bag now he is out of nappies…how naive! The nappies have merely been replaced with plastic bags for soiled gear and even more changes of clothing and shoes.

The potty brings with it a challenge though – the poo. It is now there like a proper person’s poo – not hidden away with smell relatively masked by eau de nappy.

Combine the daily evening poo with ‘50 shades of green‘, 24-hours-a-day ‘morning’ sickness and you get a boke-worthy combination. Many years of festival portaloo training have led me to this point and I have to employ the circular breathing technique of trying to only breathe through my mouth, not letting in a whaft of the toddler-poo stench. This takes some effort as I both try to breathe and give him praise for telling me he needed to go (“I NEED A POOOOO MUUUUMMMMY!!!”)  and making it to said potty without the nostrils getting a whiff of contents resulting in me then hugging toilet bowl bringing up dinner.

Pre-morning sickness this was not the nicest of tasks – chucking the potty contents down loo and giving potty a clean – but now it is a mental and physical challenge to be overcome daily. On a positive note however, toddler picked up toilet brush of own accord today to help wash away any poo evidence from the loo! Now… if only we could train dads to remember to do this?!



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