Healthy eating starts now…or tomorrow (once we have eaten all the chocolate)

The start of a New Year brings resolutions and the feeling of gluttony that happens over the festive period when there is food, food and more food. After stopping BF my little one in December and weaning her at 6 months I have started to notice my weight creep up so I am aiming to drop a dress size and get back (comfortably) into my pre pregnancy clothes. I was almost there in October – so near yet so far.

Hubby is also keen to “stop eating crap” for the next couple of months so we are setting a challenge to cut out junk from our diet and exercise more. All seems simple in theory but being the mother of two little ones it can be hard to find the time to get out and exercise and I think I may genuinely be a chocoholic. I have to confess to dipping into my three-year-old’s Christmas chocolate over the last week. However I definitely want to get rid of my muffin top and bode a final farewell to the baby weight.

Hubby and I are unfortunately rubbish at keeping each other on the eating straight and narrow…

Hubby: “I can’t be bothered cooking can you? And it’s Friday. Lets get a takeaway.”

Me (thinking to myself must be good. must be good. lets get healthy food, healthy, healthy…”yeah let’s get a pizza and chips”

or yesterday’s conversation…

Me: “we are going to be healthy eating let’s just chuck out all the Christmas chocolate and the cakes in the freezer that we didn’t use so we are not tempted”.

Hubby: “or we could just eat them all and then they would be gone. No point in wasting them.”

me (looking meaningfully at the chocolate cheesecake box making my eyes go slightly blurry so I can’t make out the calories on the corner but I know they are in red…eek!) : “Mmm. Okay.”

picture the scene …me and hubby then eating a whole chocolate cheesecake between us, because it needs to be finished off. With double cream. Because that needed finishing as well, obviously.

Wish me luck! I am determined to be positive about this. I can do it!

(but please don’t send me daily pics of cakes this is my food porn)


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