Make Me Up Before You Go-Go

benefit  Thank God for the invention of make up. I am not a mum at the school gates in the morning who always has a full face of slap on (if I have managed to remember to brush my hair by the afternoon it has been a good day), but a bit of mascara and lippy can make me feel human again.

Let’s face it – even getting those two cosmetic items on when you are pre-school/nursery run can be a luxury some days. After trying loads of products over the years I always go back to Nivea Soft Lotion for keeping my face moisturised  in all weathers and Clarins Beauty Flash Balm which always makes my skin look glowing event when I have woken up looking like I have slept, then been dragged through a hedge. I have tried more expensive moisturisers which promised the world in a jar and were a total waste of money.

I love Benefit for make up treats like High Beam which give a bit of highlight to cheekbones and Bad Gal Lash to make my peepers look awake, even on a few hours sleep. There may be some red-eye on the eye balls but at least the lashes look good.

Origins Night A Mins is the best hydrating night cream I have used but beware that hubby does not try and eat your face during the night thinking you are a chocolate orange as this is kind of what it smells like.

Treat your-self to a bit of luxury with some nice cosmetic items now and again – you deserve it. Just keep them out of reach of the kids – my 2 year old has managed to find my make up bag on several occasions (despite me trying to hide it)….goodbye lovely benefit lipstick it was fun while it lasted.


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