Waiting Game

I was due my baby last Sunday. Been playing the waiting game for 2 weeks already – they say baby can come any time up to a couple of weeks around your due date as it’s not an exact science. Makes it hard to get to sleep every night though as nervous excitement makes me think will tonight be THE night. 

I was 2 weeks over with my first baby and 4 days with the second. Been on the raspberry leaf tea for weeks, went for a long walk, had a curry (which just left me up all night with heartburn) and reflexology but no joy jet. 40 weeks plus 5 days and no sign. 

I’m feeling completely fed up and the excitement is starting to turn into anxiety about the possibility of being induced and the potential pain and medical interference involved with that. 

Every time I get up to pee in the night hubby sits bolt upright asking “You okay” just in case things are kicking off. Restless legs and baby squashing veins are making it really uncomfortable to sleep so had a couple of nights where I have woken up in weird and sore positions on the sofa and slouched over the birthing ball completely exhausted. 

Lying on the midwife recommended left side leaves me with numb leg I feel the need to constantly move and if I roll over onto my right I get immediate heartburn. How I miss sleeping on my front – although that won’t happened straight after baby comes out as there will be a fair few weeks of sore, swollen and engorged boobs to deal with hampering front-lying plans for now. 

Last night I watched back to back episodes of One Born Every Minute to get me through the wee hours when I couldn’t sleep. Helps to remind me what all the pain and uncomfortable sleepless nights will lead to when seeing the mums give birth to their gorgeous wee bundles of joy. 

Here’s hoping tonight’s the night. 


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