Milk Machine

I am breastfeeding baby number 3. I was slightly anxious about how I would manage sitting feeding for hours at a time whilst looking after the other two kids, prepare meals and tidy house. 

I am coping with all of these demands only thanks to my fab helpful mum, my hubby, Netflix and BBCiPlayer…and I’ve had to get a cleaner in. The kids are getting a ridiculous amount of screen time to allow me time to feed, which makes me feel guilty about their brains turning to mush. It’s only for a few months but they will get a rude awakening when I start restricting their TV and tablet time again. 

Despite being 5 weeks in and only having managed around a solid 3hrs of sleep a couple of times during that period, I know from experience if you can cope with the exhaustion of the first 6 weeks things do tend to improve as feed times gradually stretch out and you get into more of a routine.

When you are breastfeeding making sure you eat and drink regularly is important (especially loads of water) but being so busy juggling 3 kids often sit down start feeding then realise I’m parched and haven’t drunk anything in hours.

It’s going to be an emotional experience when I finally stop as you get to see the benefits of your little one gradually putting on weight each week and you get those wonderful snuggles. 

But those first few weeks you do feel like a milking machine – I can only sympathise with cows being milked in a barn. Especially when you use a breast pump.

And of course there is the milk drunk period post feed where they are lost in a daze of fullness – eyes rolling and random mouth twitches and smiles. You miss these things when they grow bigger and it stops. 

Breastfeeding brings with it lots of questions from the other kids inquisitive about where and how the milk comes. When baby number 2 was born my little boy who was 3 was a bit disappointed when he asked his dad and granny if they could feed him like I fed the baby. He also asked granny one day in front of a group of parents in the P1 school playground if he could feed from her boobies much to her embarrassment. 


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