Turning 35 with 3 under 5

I’m now the “wrong side of 35”. Happy birthday to me!

So in my mind this is how I thought turning 35 would go (run audio-visual daydream in head)…wake naturally after lovely sleep, hubby brings me breakfast in bed and kids come and snuggle in while I open my gifts. 

Nice relaxing shower and pamper before morning of leisurely shopping for more gifts whilst someone watches the baby and 2 year old. 

Meet friends for a tasty lunch with a wee glass of fizz. Relaxing afternoon watching a wee film on the sofa or reading a magazine before a fabulous dinner with the family and a lovingly made home baked birthday cake. 

Fun and laughter before heading to bed for a great night of sleep….

The reality of turning 35 with 3 kids under 5 went more like this…

Go to bed on my birthday-eve at 10pm thinking about what a lovely day I will have tomorrow…and am woken with baby crying at 11.30pm for a feed. Back to sleep by 12.30am and woken again at 3am with baby crying for feed. Baby sick on my pjs and in my bra. Baby eventually goes back to sleep and I’m exhusted but now wired from being on Facebook whilst feeding and by 4.15am I close close my eyes to go back to sleep…and now my 2 year old is crying. She need a pee…and has leg cramps. I try and settle her back to sleep which involved me almost falling asleep perched on the side of her bed in a really awkward (what looks like yoga) position. 

It’s now 5am and I sneak back to my own bed trying to avoid squeakily floorboards to try to get back to sleep….in the land of nod and BOOM baby wakes for a feed at 6am. So tired I feel like I could cry. And realise I am still slightly damp from baby spew at last feed and can smell sick in my hair from when I winded him. Feed baby and am just nodding off and am woken by 5 year old coming into room “Mum it is time to get up its almost 7am why are you still asleep!?!!”

*so tired feel like crying*

Noise of 5yr getting up wakes 2yr old and baby. Grumpy, tired 2yr old spends next hour crying on and off and randomly hitting 5yr old. Cries because I give her banana on her Weetabix…then cries because I take it off and she wants banana on her Weetabix. 5yr old cries because the bowl is blue instead of purple and I have handed him a pink “girls spoon” to use.

Remind kids it’s my birthday today while trying to muster my best smile and happy face through the exhaustion. Heart melts when the kids give me a wonderful cuddle and kiss and an inpromptu rendition of Happy Birthday song. *feel a bit emotional and teary at how lovely kids are*

Kids start fighting over a pebble and I have to separate them. Very quick shower – whilst telling 2yr old not to smother and over -rock baby – “NO! Baby does NOT like it fast…” In haste decide not to wash hair fearing for safety of baby whilst in shower too long. Washing pile so high can’t find clean nursing bra. *mental note – sort out washing when get home*

Tell 5yr old to get dressed about 7 times and brush teeth about 5 times. Runing late rush out door doing school run and on way realise I should have washed my hair…forgot about the baby sick. Still have same bra on although sick has now dried in from my body heat. Happy birthday to me – puke bra.

Supposed to take 2yr old to playgroup but so tired have to ask my mum if she can help so I can go back to bed for an hour. Almost cry when she appears as I’m so tired and grateful…and she has brought me some pressies! 

She takes 2 little ones for a walk. Can’t sleep as thinking about pile of washing I have to put away and dirty dishes I was too tired to do last night that still have to be done.  


Just nodding off when there is a knock at the door *arrrgghhhh!!!! So tired feel like crying* but feel emotional and have tear in my eye when realise working-away hubby has sent me flowers and balloon.

Nod off on sofa…before am woken 20 minutes later by my mum coming back with the 2 little ones. Baby needs fed. *so tired I could cry* . Open my lovely gifts from my mum and feel a bit emotional thinking of her giving birth to me know I’ve been through it 3 times. Feel greatful for having a wonderful caring mum. *feel so happy I could cry*

Make 2yr old lunch because she says she is hungry. She wants soup. Make her soup. She doesn’t want soup now, and tells me she wants to choose a snack instead. Has a meltdown when I tell her no she needs to eat her soup. Despite now being clearly exhausted, she doesn’t want to go for a nap and is wailing “I am NOT tired”. 

I realise I haven’t had any lunch but need to get to the post office and bank before school pick up so eat half a box of Black Magic. 

Then spend the next hour wishing I hadn’t and worrying I will end up with diabetes. Resolve to eat a satsuma when I get home to counterbalance all the chocolate .

Pick up 5 yr old from school and get caught in a downpour on the way home. Soaking. Get in and the 2yr old and 5yr old have an argument over a pebble.

Cook dinner for the kids and then my family arrives to have a take away with me. I’m soooo happy to have some adult company and have a really lovely time despite the exhaustion of months of surviving on around 4-5hrs broken sleep a night. 

Bed as soon as the kids are asleep. Wild nights out partying until dawn on cocktails will need to wait…my duvet is calling.


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