Butterfly World Edinburgh

Today we decided to go a wee trip through to Edinburgh to Butterfly and Insect World. It is reasonably priced and enough for the kids to see to take up a couple of hours. 

Parking is free although it needs some resurfacing with massive pot holes so watch your kids feet when negotiating your way across to the entrance.

The staff were lovely and friendly and even offered to take our heavy jackets so we didn’t have to lug them round. A word of advice – even in winter it is pretty warm and muggy inside so don’t over dress the kids and take water in for them to drink. You can’t take any snacks in to eat once you are inside with the butterflies but we ate ours in the gift shop/welcome area with out any problems.

You get a hand stamp so you can come and go as you please – you might any to spend the day and nip in and out for the handling and feeding sessions.

The kids loved looking at all the creepy crawlers and the handing sessions and there are some benches next to a wee pond where you can chill out and just enjoy the sound of running water and all the butterflies – very relaxing! 

The cute wee tortoise above was very chilled out despite all the kids surrounding it (and one wee toddler trying to climb on its back!) . Staff were very knowledgeable and answered all the many questions the little ones were asking with good humour.


There are the usual array of toys etc to buy in the gift shop and if you are hungry you can head over to Dobbies cafe for lunch.

Would recommend to visit if looking for something to do on a rainy day.


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