Succumbed to the dummy 

I’ve had a rough 3-4 weeks. My little one has just turned 5months and has decided that giving me between 3-4hrs between feeds wasn’t quite sleep depriving enough so has started waking every 1.5-2hrs. Being my 3rd you would think we would have cracked this baby sleeping through the night mularky. No chance. 

He is refusing to take a bottle so my planned date night away with hubby in 4 weeks time is looking less romantic evening for 2 and more baby friendly table for 3.

I’m teetering on edge of chronic fatigue.  I’ve been here before and know the signs – mood swings, teary, anxiety, insomnia, brain fog and headaches – but with the little guy preferring boob over bottle I’m looking at other possibilities to get us back on an even keel of sanity. 

Despite vowing I wouldn’t give him a soother (pacifier/dummy) , as we had a bad experience with getting my daughter to part with hers, I have cracked. Eight months of not having more than 4 hours sleep in a row will do that to you. 

So tonight I’m armed with this little guy here to see if the increased feeds are for comfort only. Wish me luck.


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