My babies have all been 9lb 8 or above – what can I say I cook them big. The advice for weaning is to wait until 6 months but when my little one started waking every 2 hours in the night and feed times were getting closer together again not further apart, I decided it was time to supplement the breastfeeding. 

Despite being in baby number 3 I have forgotten the weaning basics – what they can and can’t have at this age, and a rough feeding schedule – how and when to fit it around the milk feeds. The Internet is a wonderful thing. 

Just over 5 months I started with a little baby porridge and I have moved into first tastes of apple, carrot, pear, sweet potato and parsnip. When they are weaned it can make it slightly easier when you are on the go as you can always keep a snack in the bag but there is a cross over period of a few weeks where you feel like you are feeding them either milk or food every couple of hours throughout the day. 

Prepare for most of it to end up all over their face and the fact that carrot stains are tricky to get out of white clothes. Oh, and their poo changes from non-toxic smelling breastfed korma sauce like poos to more solid smelly ones. 

I forgot how much of a faff the prep can be having to sterilise the spoons/bowls/cup but my little one is loving the first tastes and joy of joys we had a couple of nights where he went 5 hours between feeds! 

I have given up with the dummy as he clearly wasn’t happy with having some plastic in his tiny gob. Still trying with the bottle of formula but he isn’t having any of it. I shall have a night off eventually I’m sure!


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