About Me

I am a pregnant 34-year-old mum of a beautiful 5 year-old little boy and a 2 year-old little girl. I live with my hard-working other half and we are building our family life together and doing the best we can to bring up our kids in a happy, healthy environment.

I am currently a full time stay at home mummy (or home-maker as some marketing companies like to officially term us) and was a working mum up to the birth of my second baby which brought with it the chaos of a morning home life (new Olympic sport chasing toddler round house trying to dress them), and the guilt of leaving them at nursery after having to ply toddler’s tiny white knuckle hands from my leg and try to think away his chesty sobs as I head out the door in a fluster to work.

I love being a mum. It is the most rewarding and most important role I have ever had (sorry former employer, I loved my job but nothing compares to the smiles, laughter and cuddles your kids give). They are pure joy.

My friends and family are everything to me. I have experienced many losses in my life which make me value every day I have with those who are special to me. I feel lucky to be alive.

I am a very friendly and approachable mummy blogger who is happy to receive PR requests and help out businesses of any size who are looking to get HONEST and practical reviews of their product or service.




If you would like information regarding advertising or sponsorship then please email katymedia@live.co.uk


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