My babies have all been 9lb 8 or above – what can I say I cook them big. The advice for weaning is to wait until 6 months but when my little one started waking every 2 hours in the night and feed times were getting closer together again not further apart, I decided it […]

Succumbed to the dummy 

I’ve had a rough 3-4 weeks. My little one has just turned 5months and has decided that giving me between 3-4hrs between feeds wasn’t quite sleep depriving enough so has started waking every 1.5-2hrs. Being my 3rd you would think we would have cracked this baby sleeping through the night mularky. No chance.  He is […]

Butterfly World Edinburgh

Today we decided to go a wee trip through to Edinburgh to Butterfly and Insect World. It is reasonably priced and enough for the kids to see to take up a couple of hours.  Parking is free although it needs some resurfacing with massive pot holes so watch your kids feet when negotiating your way […]

Turning 35 with 3 under 5

I’m now the “wrong side of 35”. Happy birthday to me! So in my mind this is how I thought turning 35 would go (run audio-visual daydream in head)…wake naturally after lovely sleep, hubby brings me breakfast in bed and kids come and snuggle in while I open my gifts.  Nice relaxing shower and pamper […]

Milk Machine

I am breastfeeding baby number 3. I was slightly anxious about how I would manage sitting feeding for hours at a time whilst looking after the other two kids, prepare meals and tidy house.  I am coping with all of these demands only thanks to my fab helpful mum, my hubby, Netflix and BBCiPlayer…and I’ve […]

Welcome to the world 

Welcome to the world little one…or not so wee at 10lbs 5oz…after keeping us all waiting and me staring to get anxious about being induced, he arrived without intervention. A gorgeous wee bundle of joy. A massive thanks to Natal Hyonotherapy, TeNs and Lucozade for assisting me through my labour so I could manage on […]

Waiting Game

I was due my baby last Sunday. Been playing the waiting game for 2 weeks already – they say baby can come any time up to a couple of weeks around your due date as it’s not an exact science. Makes it hard to get to sleep every night though as nervous excitement makes me […]

Strawberry Fun

     We recently visited Briarlands Farm just outside Stirling where they have strawberry picking – the kids absolutely loved the experience and have needed no encouragement to eat their fruit the last few days as they were involved in picking it.  They taste so much better than shop bought – an incentive to grow our […]

What’s In A Name – A Boy Named Sue?

You would think that having had around 8 months of knowing we were having a baby we would have pretty much have decided on a name by now. But here we are, one week before my due date, scanning through a baby name book looking for some inspiration. We have a few names picked out […]