Butterfly World Edinburgh

Today we decided to go a wee trip through to Edinburgh to Butterfly and Insect World. It is reasonably priced and enough for the kids to see to take up a couple of hours.  Parking is free although it needs some resurfacing with massive pot holes so watch your kids feet when negotiating your way […]

Turning 35 with 3 under 5

I’m now the “wrong side of 35”. Happy birthday to me! So in my mind this is how I thought turning 35 would go (run audio-visual daydream in head)…wake naturally after lovely sleep, hubby brings me breakfast in bed and kids come and snuggle in while I open my gifts.  Nice relaxing shower and pamper […]

Potty training and morning sickness: An evil combination

My two and a half year-old little one is in the throws of potty training and despite the odd pee accident he is doing really well (very proud mummy!). Although it is funny how I thought I wouldn’t need to lug so much stuff about in toddler’s bag now he is out of nappies…how naive! […]